A quarter a megabyte

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Sun Oct 26 08:54:15 PST 2003

I have a string of these that come in to and out of use. My main love of
these is that they are palm-able, not meaning they work with my palm but
that I can carry them unseen by others in my palm and can with a little
slight of hand insert them into a usb port for use and abuse.

SO far my collection includes a linksys 128meg high-lite marker style, a
128meg jump-drive I got from fry for 15 bucks after rebate which is not
broken due to after factory modifications, and then there is my new fave
the Lexar Jumpdrive Trio.

Its the body of a USB mem  device but with the ability to take your SD or
$onyMemory Stick and use  that as the mem. This is great in that I already
have a 128 meg SD mem  slither that acts as my Palms HD and  my DV cams
quick shot mem. Now it  can also be sloted into any and every usb port to
be used and abused at will.

This frees me up from having to walk around with a card reader hockey puck
when I think I will want to push thing around from and to that slither.
With the advent of mmplayer (mmplayer.com)on the palm and its amazing
ability to play divx, avi, mpeg and a few other video formats I am sure i
will get a 256 or 512 me SD mem slither so that I can watch Seven Samurai
on the palm. When that happens the 128 cd slither might find itself in the
Trio more and more doing transport duty.

We live in interesting times.


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