Certicom? [...] [Fwd: NSA Turns To Commercial Software ForEncryption]

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Sun Oct 26 13:56:37 PST 2003

"Dr. Robert J. Harley" wrote:

> Not a defensible position IMO.  Certicom's patents mostly apply to
> hardware designs and are work-aroundable, as previously discussed on
> this list.  Same as patents on most things.  Or you can license them
> for 2% of revenue (or whatever the going rate is).

FWIW, this is about going rate for RSA too, BTW. 

Adam Beberg wrote:
>> Besides 4K-RSA + AES-256 + SHA-256 are all way way way stronger then my 
>> knuckles, which is of course the only brute force method the NSA uses.

FWIW also, I thought the whole point of ECC was
that bit-for-bit it either provided stronger encryption,
aka less likely to be brute-forced, or the same level
encryption as other methods, but with less computing power
which makes it ideal for client PKI and mobile devices. 


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