R.I.P. Google. Next PLEASE

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym at canada.com
Sun Oct 26 16:48:21 PST 2003

>>>>> "J" == Joseph S Barrera, <Joseph> writes:

    J> What were you looking for?  It would be interesting to look at
    J> particular searches.

    J> I've always been pretty good at finding what I want in google,
    J> and the past few days have been no exception.

Could it be google-dance days again?  A few weeks back I found some
pretty odd results on Google but it stabilized by the time I could
tell anybody.

During that time, I just used alltheweb.com, not as good, sucks at
finding photos, but serviceable I suppose -- how can you know you are
not finding what's out there when there's no other way to find it?

Then again, maybe that's why I seem completely unable to find any
decent-paying contracts these past two years.

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