Certicom? [...] [Fwd: NSA Turns To Commercial Software ForEncryption]

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Sun Oct 26 17:23:03 PST 2003

Adam L Beberg wrote:
> 2% is most companies profit margin! And RSA has been free for some time
> now. I'll take profitable RSA for 800 Alex.

For hardware maybe.  40-80% for software.  Besides,
you ever heard of a rising tide?  If licensing something
for 1-5% of your revenue increases your revenue by 10 or 100%,
why worry?  That's why Kereitsu's and Business Ecosystems
are so successful. 

> You only do the RSA once per conversation (or longer if you're tricky),
> which means anything made in the last 10 years is more then fast enough
> and completely unnoticeable in amongst the packet lag of a mobile
> device.

I don't know.  You have all that session management
crap and SSL caching and authentication for Web stuff. 
I like the compute on demand model....


> But again, RSA/ECC is not the attack point, the
> keyboard/Outlook/user/OS is. Oh, and of course the New York Times,
> which covers all things top secret :)
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