***F*** removable media.

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On Oct 26, 2003, at 7:20 PM, jbone at place.org wrote:

> Everybody was asleep.
> Something really interesting happened in the mid-late 90s:  the cost 
> of a megabyte of fixed / networked storage passed (on the downside) 
> the cost of a megabyte of removable media, with operational costs 
> figured in.
> This changed everything.  Almost nobody has realized it yet.
> Are there apps for removable that fixed can't fulfill?  Sure, but (a) 
> they're few and far between, given pervasive networking and (b) 
> they're mostly very, very small apps in terms of storage needs.
> Quarter a meg?
> Screw that --- per CompUSA ***today*** we're at $1 / 1GB, and headed 
> south.
> Think forward, folks.
> What would YOU do w/ a petabyte of storage accessible at 1Gb/s 
> ***everywhere***?
> jb

Have a continuous backup of everything such that I could get back to a 
point-in-time for any file I had ever touched. Filtering out caches and 
what not...

That would be nice...

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