***F*** Beberg, was re: ***F*** removable media

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Sun Oct 26 18:19:35 PST 2003

Beberg says:

> On Sunday, October 26, 2003, at 07:20  PM, jbone at place.org wrote:
> > What would YOU do w/ a petabyte of storage accessible at 1Gb/s
> > ***everywhere***?
> Turn it off and go fishing?

But of course.  We wouldn't expect anything else of you, Adam.  We 
won't blame you --- until that last possible instantaneous interval as 
the universe is collapsing and we can't stretch things any further, 
when we spend the infinite computing power of the universe in 
calculating your culpability for that final --- finality.

Dude, write some damn code. ;-)  ***



*** PS, I am immune from this same criticism because the DNA-bone 
hasn't actually written a FoRKpost in years, with the exception of the 
doggerel, poems, parodies, responses to 10+deep threads, and similar.  
;-) :-)  MAILMAN isn't MailMan.  $0.02.

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