***F*** removable media.

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 26 20:03:25 PST 2003

Jeff Bone:
>Are there apps for removable that fixed can't fulfill?  Sure, but (a) 
>they're few and far between, given pervasive networking and (b) they're 
>mostly very, very small apps in terms of storage needs.

Sure. Some time down the road.

Today, there are several things missing from
the picture. (1) Free, or practically free,
provision and management of all that cheap
network storage. My ISP gives me an inadequate
10Mb and no tools for transparent access or
synchronization. (2) The management tools must
include ubiquitous client-side encryption.
There's data I don't want someone else holding
in plaintext. (3) Good broadband, practically
everywhere. I'm not sure DSL is enough. Smart
syncing would help on machines that are
frequently used.

All of this is feasible. It's just not here NOW.
The issue isn't the price of fixed storage on
the network, but the management and marketing of
that storage. Sneakernet has never been about
removable media being cheaper than fixed media,
but about the fact that carrying something in
your shirt pocket is convenient, private, and
doesn't require a service plan. ;-)

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