Fuck removable media.

Joseph S. Barrera III jsb at polymathy.org
Sun Oct 26 22:26:44 PST 2003

jbone at place.org wrote:

>  Everybody was asleep.
>  Something really interesting happened in the mid-late 90s: the cost
>  of a megabyte of fixed / networked storage passed (on the downside)
>  the cost of a megabyte of removable media, with operational costs
>  figured in.
>  This changed everything. Almost nobody has realized it yet.

Jim Gray has been tracking media costs for years and years.
You should visit his site http://research.microsoft.com/~Gray/
and look at some of the papers e.g.


which talks about using inexpensive disks for backup and data exchange.

I know he and I had conversations about tape being dead dead dead
before I left Microsoft, and that was in 1999.

- Joe

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