Fuck removable media.

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Mon Oct 27 10:22:55 PST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Owen Byrne wrote:

--]Somehow I don't think you're a runner. For runners solid-state is the
--]only way to go - even if you can solve
--]the skipping problem , the no moving parts and reduction in size/weight
--]make them much more attractive.

Ya got me, I am not much of a jogger:)- I am a walker though and the cd
player fits in t he backpack or in the winter in the coat pocket. As for
skipping, much of what I listen to is low encoded talking book, old time
radio, spoken word stuff. At that rate the cd spins up once every 4 or 6
mins to grab a new bundle of bits to decode, its a bearly moving parts
system:)-  Im sure if I listened to 256kbs encoded jazz all day while
joggin I would definitely go get a pure solid state, but like I said ..tool
for the task.

Of course now that I have the tungsten C I guess I am a solid state
listener..doh.  Ive taken recently to using the smb client at night for
grabbing an mp3 I want to hear off wsmfs fiel server and then let it play
from the palm perched on the nightstand recharger as I drift off to sleep.

That it can play DIvx and mpegs is a scary thing. In the last week I have
watched two episodes of Sponge Bob and the Broken's first installments in
the comfort of my bed.

interesting times


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