Opinions are like assholes...

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Tue Oct 28 18:41:58 PST 2003

"Who Shot" JR opines:

> I would point out that political conspiracy theory fodder and fringe
> rhetoric (yes, you come across like that)

Yes, well, (a) I'm sorry about your reading comprehension problem, 
then, and (b) please note that the VAST bulk of the political spewage 
that I forward isn't written by me;  my intentionally quippy little 
leads make up only a small fraction of the overall volume.  More bits, 
less analysis.

Which is, perhaps, a clue some certain other folks on the list could 
take.  Like, for example James --- I didn't learn ANYTHING from your 
post.  Thanks for playing.  You say you know some people --- have then 
FoRK.  Otherwise, empty assertions.

Regardless, another apologist heard from, thanks James, next.  Don't 
blame *me* if Bush is in office for another term.  I'm doing what I can.


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