Helping Greg learn to read.

jbone at jbone at
Tue Oct 28 21:13:42 PST 2003

Hey Greg, I guess this part:

> NB:  I imagine the latter is slightly nastier than it needs to be ---
> don't shoot the messenger, I didn't write it --- but only slightly.

...was too complex for you to understand.  Try again.  Take it slowly.  
Sound it out.  Use that "phonics" stuff we talked about.

Afterwards, when you realize I didn't write the code in question and in 
fact was bitching about goto, then you can ponder whether to go quoting 
famous, musty old ACM bits to Luca Cardelli and so forth, who forgot 
more about code last night than you'll ever know.  ;-)



PS - take a close look at your Ada program.  Do you really think it 
does what the code example does?  Think hard about this one, it's for 
the semester grade.

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