3 Simple rules for dealing with Jeff

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Oct 29 06:10:55 PST 2003

1) Not everything's about you
2) Insults are inferred, not implied.
3) FoRK isn't your list
4) You can make as many rules as you want, but have 
   no hope of enforcing jack all
5) Know what you don't know, especialy the context

Mailbox, while not a perfect functional
replication, works on many levels (some
if not most that went over your head).  Add
a few pragma's and it'll do exactly
what you wrote and in less lines.  I
was going to post the DINNING PHILOSOPHERS
IN REST but I thought that would be too
unsubtle even for your thick skull. 

Now, since you have got to be the thickest
person on this list, the point of the post
ART.   This isn't a slam on you, your
writing skills, or even the code you
posted.  Your escape clause in this
context is irrelevant. 

As I always include a hidden message
or reference for the software archeologists
who will eventually dig up this list after
we're all dead and gone AND you have got to
be the thickest person on the list, I included
the GOTO considered harmful offline citation
for two reasons.  First is that it's offline
and second, anyone who's had a half way decent 
education in computer science will have had that beaten
the hell into them, if not forced to memorize
that paper which would have gotten a groan
if not a chuckle.  

It's like the old joke about the
computer science professor putting source code
slides up on a transparency projector and the student
points out that there's a bug in his program which
is really a gnat crawling up the slide. Since
you are the thickest person on the list, gnat
was supposed to be a hidden reference to the Gnu
Ada tools but obviously isn't hidden anymore
because I SELF REFENCED it. 

Which brings us to rule-6, FoRK is about
Rohit, so it's permissible to mock him in
even the most mildest of ways.

GOTO considered harmful - Dijkstra
W* Effect considered harmful - Khare
REST* considered harmful - Bone

Your inane blabbering about architectural styles 
when you really didn't have a firm grasp of what
an architectural style drove Roy off the list in
disgust.  It always amazes me that you have
such an inferiority complex that you hold your
ignorance of the subject in such high esteem,
or that you are proud of you exchange to the point
you name drop worse than I do. 


Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem.

"jbone at place.org" wrote:
> Hey Greg, I guess this part:
> > NB:  I imagine the latter is slightly nastier than it needs to be ---
> > don't shoot the messenger, I didn't write it --- but only slightly.
> ...was too complex for you to understand.  Try again.  Take it slowly.
> Sound it out.  Use that "phonics" stuff we talked about.
> Afterwards, when you realize I didn't write the code in question and in
> fact was bitching about goto, then you can ponder whether to go quoting
> famous, musty old ACM bits to Luca Cardelli and so forth, who forgot
> more about code last night than you'll ever know.  ;-)
> Cheers,
> jb
> PS - take a close look at your Ada program.  Do you really think it
> does what the code example does?  Think hard about this one, it's for
> the semester grade.
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