The American Model for Treating Terrorists

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>From Arutz Sheva (Arutz-7 -- Israeli National News). The last two paragraphs
are the most interesting.

Two suits have been filed in the Supreme Court against the relocation of 18
terrorists from Judea and Samaria to Gaza - one of them by the terrorists
themselves, and one claiming that the move will endanger Israeli citizens.

The IDF issued the deportation orders two weeks ago, convinced that this
would be the best way to ensure that the terrorists not return to their
lethal activities.  The army did not wish to put them on trial, so as not
to have to divulge its intelligence sources, and preferred to relocate them
to an area where they were "unknown," so as to minimize the chances that
they would quickly become integrated in another terrorist network.

Attorney Nitsana-Darshan Leitner, however, who heads the Shurat HaDin
Israel Law Center, maintains that the relocation would "not lessen the
danger to Israeli citizens, but rather the opposite."  Gaza is a hothouse
of terrorism, the Israel Law Center explains, "controlled by Hamas and
Islamic Jihad... which will accept the detainees into their organizational
structure with open arms."

Ironically, the terrorists also are appealing the decision to the Supreme
Court, and are likely to encounter Atty. Darshan-Leitner there on Sunday
taking a similar position to theirs - though for contrary reasons.

The Law Center says that Israel should learn from its mistake of 11 years
         "In 1992, when 412 Hamas activists were deported to Lebanon,
Hizbullah adopted them and taught them the philosophy of jihad [holy war]
and martyrdom.  They then became the leaders of Hamas when they returned to
Israel, and they planned and ordered the wave of suicide attacks that swept
the country since 1994. With the knowledge they gained during their exile
in Lebanon, they formed the wide-ranging infrastructure of Hamas today, and
they are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israelis and
the wounding of many thousands."

The Law Center further notes that Israel should learn from the United
States, which continues to detain hundreds of Taliban members who were
arrested during the war in Afghanistan almost two years ago:       "The
U.S. is holding them under administrative detention conditions, 10,000
kilometers from their families, and will not free them until the terror
threat is removed from its citizens.  This is the way the State of Israel
should act as well."

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