WMD found in Dark Matter across the Universe.

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Thu Oct 30 15:21:59 PST 2003

In a startling message the Bush administration has announced that all the
WMDs it ever claimed to be in Iraq were transported at the last moment by
now vanished Iraqi scientists to be hidden in the Dark Matter that is now
being estimated at making up 23 percent of the Universe.

"This dark tyrant used his dark forces to hide is dark wepons of mass
destruction into the dark folkds of dark matter. Our scientists are
curretnly working on ways of sheding some light onto this dark issue.
UNtil then I want all good Americans to be assured we are doing everything
we can to fight this dark matter threat. New provisions to the Patriot
Acts will be put into place to make it easier for the forces of good and
light to do what needs doing to crack this problem. "


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