Best Java IDE for a smart kid using OS X?

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner at
Fri Oct 31 07:18:59 PST 2003

My older son (12) is starting a distance learning course on Java.
There's no official development environment and he's using our
general-purpose iMac (OS X 10.2).

Right now, he's using Emacs, which is a personal fave for simple text
editing, but I hesitate the inflict the full complexity and strangeness
of that program on an impressionable child.  Contenders for development
environment include:

*  Metrowerks CodeWarrior (not free)

*  Netbeans (I use it at work since its brain damage matches mine)

*  Eclipse (too complicated and powerful for me; he'd probably love it)

*  jEdit (more than an editor, but somewhat less bizaare than Emacs)

*  BlueJ (cool and teaches a subset of UML, but might not be comparable
to a "real Java" IDE)

Thoughts and/or flames?  And before you complain that he's learning Java
instead of {Scheme, Logo, C#}, it was that, or C++, I suspect, and no
son of mine is going to collect garbage manually.


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