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Sat Nov 1 21:08:40 PST 2003

On Saturday, November 1, 2003, at 06:39 AM, Woodchuck wrote:

> Perhaps it would be more productive to ask if there is a source
> of daily general-purpose news that is not biased.

What's the point?  Why don't we just accept as a society, and educate 
our children to understand, that information they receive in books, 
newspapers, on the television, and by any other conveyance IS 
necessarily slanted.  It's either slanted to meet a particular view or 
it's slanted to portray events in ways that play to the strengths of 
the medium.  To Wit:  The California Fires are huge on CNN because 
there are some great pictures coming out of there... but in print and 
online media it's not a daily front page story.

That's why we have freedom.  The freedom to read whatever we wish, and 
to shape our own world view.  Most of us don't exercise this freedom, 
however, preferring instead to watch/read/listen to media which affirm 
or validate, but rarely challenge, our world views.  When people 
complain about the media (for instance, the New York Times) being 
"unfair" in its portrayal of events, what they really mean is that they 
are offended by what they read.  And I'm not sure what alternative 
reactionaries such as those would advocate...

"Balanced Reporting" needs to happen within the audience.  Maybe we 
should think for ourselves?  In fact, since we live in Democracies, 
it's our obligation as voters to be well informed.  We're doing the 
process a disservice otherwise.


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