Editorial Slant vs. Propaganda

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Sun Nov 2 11:57:37 PST 2003

A simple contrast occurred to me that might be useful in contemplating 
the Faux News problem.  The difference between "editorial slant" and 
"propaganda" is simple and clear:  editorial slant results from the 
bias(es) of private citizens and purely commercial (sell more papers) 
media interests;  propaganda is the same sort of behavior but 
determined, coordinated, directed, or directly influenced by government 
officials or acknowledged political interests (parties, PACs, SIGs, 
etc.) for purely political goals.

And before anybody groans:  yes, clearly this is nothing new.  But:  I 
do believe that Lee Atwater, Lyn Nofziger, and others elevated the 
practice to new heights in this country back during Reagan.  And --- no 
sitting American administration has ever had a captive "news" network 
before with the kind of tight familial and political ties that exist 
between Bush, Inc. and Faux News.



PS - RNC wants review of (and presumably veto on) "The Reagans" 


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