Editorial Slant vs. Propaganda

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Sun Nov 2 15:54:26 PST 2003

Woody takes issue w/ the speculative contrast (not definition) offered. 
  Okay, fine, I'm fumbling towards a useful distinction, here.  It seems 
intuitively obvious that there is often a distinction;  it seems 
equally intuitive that just throwing up our hands and saying "there's 
no distinction" is (ironically) a first step down a slippery 
"relativist" slope.

How about a better statement of distinction, then, Woody?  I'm open.

Also, Woody, one nit:  you say "I notice that you completely omit 
mention of any behaviors..."  That's odd, because in fact I 
specifically used the word "behavior."  Also note that I did not use 
the word "definition" and indeed wasn't seeking to define either 
"editorial slant" or "propaganda" --- merely contrast them.  And I 
offered that speculative contrast in hopes that somebody would help 
fill in the blanks to arrive at a more useful understanding of the 
difference.  Seems to me to be an good question to ponder, and one in 
which (based on the responses to the original "Disinfopedia" post) 
there is some interest around here.

The rest, Woody, isn't particularly productive, so I'm inclined to let 
it slide.  You're reacting to far more than was actually said, 
hypothesizing about intents, arguing the arguer rather than the 
argument, etc.  Thus begins "noise" and a retreat from "conversation."



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