The Intelligence War

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The intelligence war
How can Bush feign shock at the carnage in Baghdad when he signed off  
on reports that predicted it?

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By Sidney Blumenthal


Nov. 1, 2003  |  In Baghdad, the Bush administration acts as though it  
is astonished by the postwar carnage. Its feigned shock is a  
consequence of Washington's intelligence wars. In fact, not only was it  
warned of the coming struggle and its nature -- ignoring a $5 million  
State Department report on "The Future of Iraq" -- but Bush himself  
signed another document in which that predictive information is  

According to the congressional resolution authorizing the use of  
military force in Iraq, the administration is required to submit to  
Congress reports of postwar planning every 60 days. One such report --  
previously undisclosed but revealed here -- bears Bush's signature and  
is dated April 14. It declares: "We are especially concerned that the  
remnants of the Saddam Hussein regime will continue to use Iraqi  
civilian populations as a shield for its regular and irregular combat  
forces or may attack the Iraqi population in an effort to undermine  
Coalition goals." Moreover, the report goes on: "Coalition planners  
have prepared for these contingencies, and have designed the military  
campaign to minimize civilian casualties and damage to civilian  



To answer the question from the lead-in:  easy!  Any pretense of  
consistency and truth went out the window in Jan. 2001!


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