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i prefer lou dobbs' flavor of bias.  he still asks questions.  lou dobbs is
an avowed republican, supports the war. jic anyone wondered.

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>> Charlie Reina, a former producer for Fox News, has posted a letter to
>> the Poynter Institute's online journalism forum, explaining how the
>> network deliberately slants the news. ....
>How does this differ from, say, CBS or more pointedly, the NY Times?
>Perhaps it would be more productive to ask if there is a source
>of daily general-purpose news that is not biased.

FWIW, I *like* a little editorial bias.

IMO, a news source should always have an editorial position of *some
sort*.  The alternative, as far as I can see, is "he said, she said"
journalism.  e.g. "today, Mr. X announced that the sky was green.  Mr. Y,
however, disagreed and said the sky was purple."   IMO, a good source of
news will editorialize and note that, in fact, virtually everyone else
agrees, and all reliable studies show, that the sky is blue, so both
X and Y are lying. ;)

- --j.
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