IT jobs disappear, gov investment in innovation needed

Lucas Gonze lgonze at
Tue Nov 4 13:13:34 PST 2003

On Tuesday, Nov 4, 2003, at 15:55 America/New_York, Woodchuck wrote:
>> Face it, this educational time bomb has been ticking for a couple
>> decades.
> Indeed.  But it does seem to affect innovation/R&D/the Next Big Thing.
> It seems to affect more the quality of run-of-the-mill workers at
> all levels, and to have caused a huge expansion of government.
> We are looking more, I think, at a narrowing of a huge gap due to
> the Asians improving, instead of white people declining.

Well, we've been getting away with it because our universities are the 
best, so talented people have to come here for school.  We're in the 
process of destroying that advantage now.  Since 9/11 dealing with 
immigration has become a very nasty experience for foreign scientists 
and students.  The aggressive anti-science push, both in lack of 
funding and restrictive rules on research, of the current 
administration has also had a profound effect.

I don't know about Asians improving.  From my limited personal 
experience, conservative Asian cultures have a way of turning talent 
into mediocrity.  The Indians and eastern Europeans seem like a better 

- Lucas

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