CBS Bows to Gipper Gripes

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Tue Nov 4 13:04:32 PST 2003

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> And the right wing screams "Who's your daddy, bitch?!?!"
> Showtime takes up the slack.  I love Showtime --- always stepping up.

CBS owns Showtime.

> They rescued Adrian Lynch's Lolita remake from distribution hell, too.
> Great movie;  best modern-era book in the English language, IMHO.  (And
> written by a non-native English speaker, too -- in English.)

Oddly, Nabokov is only a mediocre pulper in Russian.  But it is
curious that he took the route of Conrad.  For another entry on
the short list of second-language writers: Gibbon had a masterful
command of French, according to the French, even.

> Note in the article, in the CBS statement, use of the term "balanced."
> Holy fucking hell.  If we're all so freakin' worried about this
> mysterious and mystical quality called "balance" then bring back the
> damned Fairness Doctrine.  What a loaded non-word / double-speak
> utterance.  It's doing away w/ that --- and I'm conflicted on whether
> that was a good or bad thing, there're good arguments on both sides ---
> that set the stage for the egregious imbalances seen on both sides in
> the media today, and enabled the high-intensity propaganda wars that
> are de rigeur these days.  Consistency:  as elusive as balance.

Oddly enough, I agree with you, FWIW.  Doing away with "Fairness"
seemed, in order to be "fair", to demand doing away with the FCC and
licensing.  Cable/satellite mitigates that.

> Only problem w/ this piece of Reagan propaganda:  either pro or con,
> the timing's rather faulty.

It's six to nine months early to air the "drama".  But announcement
of cancellation yesterday/today is spot-on.


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> CBS Bows to Gipper Gripes

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