Certainty and doubt

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Wed Nov 5 17:21:07 PST 2003

Omigawd, Greg, thank you so much for this correction.  It is so 
relevant, so revealing, so germane to the point being made.  I am 
highly appreciative that in your infinite respect for the intelligence 
of all the people who read this list that you --- out of nothing but 
the goodness of your heart --- take it upon yourself to be my editor.  
There are oh so many things that the simple spell checker cannot catch 
(whore) but which wreck havoc with the limited understanding and 
sub-par intelligence of the folks that waste their time reading this 
list.  Oh, happy day --- thank you so much.  Thank you, thank you, 
thank you for contributing to the signal and helping quash the noise 
induced by 2-character ytpos.


> Jeff, I think you mean "no doubt", not "know doubt".
> Greg

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