It's a Handmaid's Tale World After All

Ian Andrew Bell fork at
Wed Nov 5 18:38:52 PST 2003

Jesus Jeff;

We'd have to stack the carcasses of every single member of the 
Republican Party somewhere... how about Texas?

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On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 1:43 PM, jbone at wrote:

> Greg sez:
>> Jeff, you think we should be free to suck the brains out of
>> viable fetuses when they are half born when there's no
>> risk to the mother just because we'd be placing a value
>> judgement of irresponsibility on them?
> Actually, Greg, I believe abortion should be legal *retroactively* to 
> age 18 or a passing grade in calculus, whichever comes first, and 
> perpetually legal as long as (or whenever) the prospective "human" is 
> unable to balance a checkbook.
> ;-)
> jb
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