It's a Handmaid's Tale World After All

RossO fork at
Thu Nov 6 10:24:32 PST 2003

> The "intent" of the anti-abortionists is to please their God and to 
> swell their numbers.
> The "intent" of the abortionists is to eventually get the legal power 
> to kill anyone who displeases them.

I'm sorry, was there a winking emoticon that I missed in there? I'm not 
familiar enough with your writing style (or personal positions) to 
understand if you really think that people who support abortion rights 
are pursuing a path to indiscriminate capital powers.

How did you come to this conclusion? I thought that "they want to kill 
babies" was the reason why the anti-abortion crowd was so vehement, but 
your statement above takes this to a whole new level for me.

Is there a chain of actions with a trend line that is supported by some 
other information or opinions that you have found, that you can share 
with us?

If I've completely missed the joke here, please bear with me. Perhaps I 
should wake up a bit more before reading fork...


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