Lotux Notes (was: Pass the koolaid...)

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com
Thu Nov 6 17:06:26 PST 2003

Notes is not an email system.  It's a distributed database and
application deployment system.  Any company that uses it primarily for
its email/calendaring (and ~50-60% never use it for more than email and
calendaring) should fire its CIO.

The Outlook DLL for Lotus isn't bad (based on experience in 1999), but
you're not going to be totally happy with it.  There's always the
payware Web-Notes product from Compoze.  Very slick and you can use it
to provide a Web interface to Notes without chewing up a server or two
running Domino.  In the end, Compoze is usually cheaper than buying more
licenses for Web access to Notes.

The thinking behind parts of Notes -- public key certificates for
everything, full replication, scripted app + database customization --
really brilliant.  The original Notes developers (Iris?) deserve more
recognition.  [Especially from the network bandwidth providers that they
made rich as a result of Notes' incredible appetite during replication.]

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