The Pournelle Political Axes

Dave Long dl at
Thu Nov 6 17:44:37 PST 2003

For another two-axis presentation, see:

"America's strange place"

which plots countries on the axes of:

    secular-rational / traditional values, and
    survival / self-expression values

and points out how the States wind up
far to the traditional of west europe.

With a quick surf over to the source
(University of Michigan World Values
Survey), it's possible to pick up an
even more interesting set of charts:

<> [0]
<> [1]

Note that the States plot out near
the $15000 GNP/capita line, when
one would expect to find them well
away from it.

I wonder if wealth would be a better
measure than income in this case?  I
haven't found much for international
wealth data, but as an anecdote:

<> [2]
> Compared to the United States the Swedish median wealth is somewhat
> higher while the mean is only about half of that of the United States.

which makes me wonder if clustering
by median economic figures instead of
mean, or by wealth rather than income,
would produce less surprising results.


[0] "Three broad cultural zones: the historically Protestant, 
Catholic and Communist societies"
Modernization and Postmodernization (Princeton 1997)

[1] "Economic levels of 65 societies, superimposed on two dimensions
of cross-cultural variation"
Inglehart and Baker, American Sociological Review, Feb 2000

[2] Klevmarken, "On Household Wealth Trends in Sweden over the 1990s", 2003

:: :: ::

>both at 4/2', make me a little nervous. Bush, at 3/3', looks pretty 

Does Baen know something I don't?

Bush seems a little too enamored of
using the power of the state (which
he theoretically dislikes) to be at
3. (from his actions toward capital
punishment or my guesses as to his
views on how covered-up women need
to be when in public, I don't see a
3 on the other axis, either)

Inglehart & Norris, "The True Clash of Civilizations", March/April 2003
> According to a new survey, Muslims and their Western counterparts both
> want democracy, yet they are worlds apart when it comes to attitudes
> toward divorce, abortion, gender equality, and gay rights...

Where does our administration fall
relative to the "Muslims" or their
"Western counterparts" on these?

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