It's a Handmaid's Tale World After All

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Fri Nov 7 19:33:34 PST 2003

>Well, there is no unloaded term for whatever
>it is that is "terminated"..
>To point up a problem of the feminist position, namely that they use a 
>"human definition" that is contingent on political circumstances, let us 
>indulge in some plausible examples.  If an abortionist performs an abortion 
>on a 14 year-
>old retarded girl against her will, such as it might be, it is murder (in 
>many states), and this is supported, as far as I know, by NOW and other 
>communist-inspired organizations.

(1) The laws that treat the fetus as a legal
person whose killing is therefore, under
some circumstances, murder are a new
thing, quite strange in the western legal
tradition. When abortion was made illegal
in England and the states, it was NOT
defined as murder, and it was NOT punished
as murder.

(2) This new feature of law is entirely the
creation of the religious right, and is NOT
supported by feminists generally. In the
case of a forced abortion, there is
plenty of traditional law to go after the
wrongdoer: kidnapping, battery, etc.

(3) And there IS a term for the fetus
that is "unloaded:" fetus. This term is
used by every medical person and in
all relevant medical texts, regardless of
the speaker's or author's political views.

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