Poll: 50 percent of voters would not re-elect Bush

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Mon Nov 10 09:41:56 PST 2003

But given his lead over any of the Dem contenders, I'm not sure what 
this really means. :-/


Poll: 50 percent of voters would not re-elect Bush
But job approval rating remains constant

(CNN) --A poll released Saturday finds that more registered voters want 
to see President Bush voted out than kept in office in the next 
election, but his job approval rating has remained constant.

In the Newsweek poll, 50 percent of registered voters who were queried 
said they do not want to see Bush re-elected, while 44 percent said 
they do.

The survey of 1,002 adults interviewed Thursday and Friday has a margin 
of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.

The president's overall approval rating in the survey was 52 percent -- 
the same it has been in previous polls by the magazine during the past 
two months.

But in the wake of more deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and the rising 
price tag for occupation and reconstruction, 51 percent of the 
respondents said they disapprove of Bush's handling of Iraq -- the 
highest Newsweek's polls have ever shown -- while 42 percent said they 

The survey suggests mixed feelings on the president's economic 
policies, following positive news this week. Forty-four percent said 
they approve of the way Bush is handling the economy -- up six points 
from the magazine's previous poll a month ago. Forty-eight percent said 
they disapprove.

Among contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, former 
Vermont Gov. Howard Dean edges out Gen. Wesley Clark in the poll. 
Sixteen percent of Democratic voters and those who lean Democratic said 
Dean would be their first choice, while 15 percent said Clark would be.

Rep. Dick Gephardt was third with 9 percent; followed by Sen. Joseph 
Lieberman at 8 percent; Sen. John Kerry and former Senator and 
Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun at 7 percent; Sen. John Edwards at 6 
percent; the Rev. Al Sharpton at 4 percent; and Rep. Dennis Kucinich at 
2 percent.

Asked about possible matchups between Bush and Clark, Dean, Kerry, 
Lieberman, and Gephardt, respondents gave Bush a 4 or 5 percent lead in 
each case.

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