poll: worst ads of the season

Juliet Hamak Barrera juliet at barrera.org
Tue Nov 11 19:58:31 PST 2003

  I never post, but I had to chime in here.
Wow, another household that uses its TV as a monitor!
We aren't quite as sheltered as Elias. Once in a great while we watch 
something on TV, but we don't miss it in general.
I think it was all the "reality" programming and the demise of the 
X-Files a couple of years ago that got us off the tube. The kids (ages 
10 & 11) have zero interest in the TV except to play "Halo" on it.
Joe does have an extensive video library of Anime, plus a subscription 
to this Green-Cine thing that keeps plenty of disks floating in and out 
of our house, like a frightening Japanese horror flick "Ringu" we just 


Elias Sinderson wrote:

> I haven't lived in a house with a television attached to the network for 
> over ten years, let alone watched commercials for sport... So I guess my 
> answer to your question would be 'All of the above' (or none of the 
> above, as the case may be). 

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