Bordering on ludicrous: was Handmaids etc.

jbone at jbone at
Tue Nov 11 20:27:00 PST 2003

Woody says...

> > Human is a slippery word.  Look forward, or look back.  I have less
> > problem granting human rights to a sentient computer than a woman who
> > has been brain-dead in Florida for a decade.
> And that, Sir Bone, is your basic human-values problem, not mine.  That
> is a flippant remark, true, but your attitude is scarily inhuman.

I'll take that as the high compliment it wasn't intended to be. ;-)

Human, inhuman, etc.  I have better words for all such labels:  
meaningless and harmful.

That which is arbitrary is uninteresting, though sometimes useful.  
That which is arbitrary *and* inconsistent* is worse than useless.

Minds and transactions, W.  Minds and transactions.



* Cue the hobgoblin quote.  Tired, peeps; a tired hand, but somebody'll 
no doubt play it.

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