Cornell News: No ice found at lunar poles [...]

Dr. Robert J. Harley harley at
Thu Nov 13 02:05:34 PST 2003

Re: baboons and mecano.
I hope that was taken in jest.
Ctrl-X ( : ) Ctrl-X ) Ctrl-U Ctrl-U Ctrl-X E

Let me change tack: "why"?

Do you expect that remotely setting up a factory on the Moon to fire
solar panels into space on a rail-gun is a feasible and economical way
to produce energy?  Or giant computers?  Or what?  Would building a
pizza factory in Patagonia without leaving your desk be feasible?
Economical?  Do you not expect tinned monkeys (say primates from
Beijing) to be on the Moon before you and happy to "accidentally"
reverse their moondozers over your best-laid of plans?

PS: I'll have pepperoni with mushrooms.


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