Poll: what would you pay money to learn?

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Fri Nov 14 15:47:05 PST 2003

As the organizer of the ACM Hypertext 2004 conference <http://www.ht04.org/>
that's being held in Santa Cruz next summer, I need to develop a set of
tutorials (half day or full day) that will be offered to the general public.
Since we're pretty close to Silicon Valley, and have a conference theme that
is web-related, it should, in theory, be possible to have several
well-attended tutorials.
The question is, what would make for good tutorials at HT04? Time was a
tutorial on XML would be a big draw, but these days base-level XML is pretty
well understood by many.

So, my poll question is:

What subject or technology is so compelling that you (as in you, not some
hypothetical attendee) personally would find a day and a moderate amount of
money (presumably from your employer) to go learn?

For bonus points, what are your thoughts on the following tutorial ideas
(tempting, yawn, irrelevant, old hat, etc.):

* Introduction to RSS and Blog technology (half day)
* Introduction to XSLT (including new XSLT 2.0 features, full day)
* Agent Programming in Java (focusing on JADE, and perhaps some JESS, full
* SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, half day)
* PDF format in depth (including Acrobat plug-in and Adobe metadata
standards, full day)
* Open Source Content Management Systems (introduction/overview of 2-3
systems like Zope, Plone, Cocoon, full day)

Thanks for your feedback!

- Jim

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