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Fri Nov 14 16:28:31 PST 2003

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Elias Sinderson writes:
>On the Geronimo dev list there has been much discussion surrounding the 
>allegations by the JBoss group that some of the Geronimo codebase is in 
>violation of the LGPL that JBoss uses. It is interesting to see how an 
>open source development community responds to a situation like this, and 
>somewhat indicative of how OSS differs from commercial development in 
>this regard.

... in that people notice/find out, because they can *see* your code? ;)

I do find it interesting -- mostly because the code "copying" could very
easily be explained by:

  (a) both products sharing a common base

  (b) both products using common-sense patterns (e.g. Singleton for
      some of the constant classes etc., the getter/setter Java

  (c) both products being developed against the same API standards

BTW, I haven't a clue about any details here -- just uninformed
speculation from the sidelines ;)

>The Apache list has had an ongiong discussion on how 'the wheel of httpd 
>development seems to be slowing slowing down'. The discussion has been 
>informative both in trying to identify what has caused the percieved 
>slowdown in development as well as trying to formulate ideas about what 
>can / should be done to try and re-invigorate activity. FoRK friendly 
>link to the httpd-dev discussion:

I hadn't seen this, so I must take a look...

- --j.
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