poll: worst ads of the season

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Fri Nov 14 18:16:25 PST 2003

sateesh narahari wrote:

>Just for a change from politics.
>Watching Monday Night Football, we have to put up lot
>of bad ads and some decent ones too.
>I like to nominate Saturn ad as the worst of all
>duirng football games ( where 3 clowns run around ). I
>decided never ever to buy a saturn vehicle because of
>this ad.
>The one I like is the Brian Anderson of Twelve Maples
>( Budweiser ). 
>Whats your ad that makes you change the channel for
>those annoying 30 seconds?.
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My personal choice was the MS Office commercials - employee as sports 
hero. While watching them
I was incredibly impressed by the hyperbole - it was about as out of 
touch as King George (all of them combined)
. I was waiting to see another one - but even better - tonight I saw a 
parody commercial - Tim Hortons (large
Canadian donut & coffee emporium) has one - it was so cool. Battered 
looking employee pulls
a piece of paper out of the copier - launches into a celebration worthy 
of a penalty in the NFL
people look at him strange and he quiets down - and goes to lunch - at 
Tim Hortons of course.

You Americans are so silly.


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