[TRAVELMAN] Finally, a non-airline-centric lounge network pass

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Fri Nov 14 22:07:49 PST 2003

> What is Priority Pass?
> Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent lounge access 
> program, providing frequent travelers with access to over 450 lounges 
> worldwide, in over 245 cities and 80 countries.

It's legit -- basically $100 + $24/visit (or 10 free for $150 more, or 
unlimited for $300 more) for the entire range of random lounges, some 
Northwest, some off-labels like Plaza Premium (in Asia), prolly Diner's 
Club, etc. But it gets the basic job done.

I'm waiting to see the detailed list -- the site only tells you whether 
an airport is in the network, not necc. which particular lounge.

Nevertheless, it stands to be a much better deal than the 
single-airline lounges (unless, of course, you're also a VIP on that 
particular airline -- I just ran into a friend who parlayed 1K and 
first-name rapport with the Red Carpet concierge at JFK into a Concorde 
flight... from a $150 economy reservation they screwed up!)

Let me know if anyone's interested -- there may be a $10 referral 
bounty my friend can cash in on.


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