Church, The State and Marriage, whee!

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Mon Nov 24 12:44:13 PST 2003

>I think the problem is, that most people _don't_ designate. ..

Ah, ha! There's the compromise on the estate tax:
the government gets nothing from any estate for
which there is a will, and all property from
someone who dies intestate and that is otherwise
left undetermined.

>Next of kin is generally a legal concept determined by statute .. Normally, 
>this is laid out in a statute and its -very- strict.  And yes, it usually 
>includes 'widow/widower'. You'd have to have a wholesale revamp of 
>statutory law to fix this.

Huh? How hard is it to say, "first, anyone who has
been designated next of kin"?

>Simply eliminating the priviledges (as in spousal priviledge and joint 
>filing) is great and good, but replacing it would be insane.

I agree.

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