ruleCore? (Python rule engine, anybody?)

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at
Tue Nov 25 21:25:03 PST 2003

On 11/25/03 7:58 PM, "jbone at" <jbone at> wrote:
> Any Pythonistas out there have any thoughts about / experience w/ this?

Very cool.  We have a fairly sophisticated distributed MQ database system
built in python (backed by postgres) that we use to integrate our systems,
but we could use a really nice event-driven rule engine to help manage it.
We currently use dynamically generated/loaded python code for this, which is
a suboptimal solution in the sense that everything is accomplished in bits
of code that potentially can contain fairly arbitrary bugs.

I haven't looked at it too much but I can see a lot of value in integrating
this into MQ database engines.  We've been moving towards designing
abstracted python code generators to accomplish the same thing (perhaps what
ruleCore is doing), but a nice rule engine like ruleCore would work if it
was powerful enough and could handle distributed concepts.

I like it.  The documentation on the site is a bit funky though.

J. Andrew Rogers (andrew at

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