ruleCore? (Python rule engine, anybody?)

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Wed Nov 26 10:08:34 PST 2003

(Hi Andrew, not directly related to your post...)

Oh gawd.  They (rulecore) reinvented RETE networks.  A RETE network
is a real-time rules hashing that allows rules to be
built up into a directed graph such that any event based condition
may be parallelly processed by appropriately passing
and routing meta-data based tokens along interconnected arcs and
setting or testing state at individual nodes.  It's an attempt to
do semantic-based parallelism that maps isomorphically
onto many distributed architectures including one current
stateless, client-server one that people make such a fuss about.
As long as you maintain the relations, you can distribute
the conditions on any number of machines and if you map the
firings to some unique addressable resource on the network,
you have a really clever analysis network.


I would bet that I'm the only person on the list with OPS5
programming experience.

J. Andrew Rogers wrote:

> On 11/25/03 7:58 PM, "jbone at" <jbone at> wrote:
>>Any Pythonistas out there have any thoughts about / experience w/ this?
> Very cool.  We have a fairly sophisticated distributed MQ database system
> built in python (backed by postgres) that we use to integrate our systems,
> but we could use a really nice event-driven rule engine to help manage it.
> We currently use dynamically generated/loaded python code for this, which is
> a suboptimal solution in the sense that everything is accomplished in bits
> of code that potentially can contain fairly arbitrary bugs.
> I haven't looked at it too much but I can see a lot of value in integrating
> this into MQ database engines.  We've been moving towards designing
> abstracted python code generators to accomplish the same thing (perhaps what
> ruleCore is doing), but a nice rule engine like ruleCore would work if it
> was powerful enough and could handle distributed concepts.
> I like it.  The documentation on the site is a bit funky though.
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