A. Gary Shilling

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Thu Nov 27 03:45:49 PST 2003

Watching Bloomberg TV this morning, came across this guy:


Think I've seen this guy before, but never really paid much attention.   
(IIRC, he was regarded as a bit of a "nattering naybob" back during the  
bubble.  Maybe if I'd paid more attention to folks like him my net  
worth would've retained more of its youthful vigor over the last  
three-four years.  ;-)  He caught my interest today.

Very impressive.  He's saying all the spot-on accurate things about the  
economy, but without being as shrill or as much of a lightening rod  
politically as e.g. Krugman.  Who'd-uh thought it?  An apparently  
fiscally conservative economist / finance guy who doesn't feel the need  
to be an insane partisan cheerleader.



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