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J. Andrew Rogers andrew at
Thu Nov 27 11:13:01 PST 2003

On 11/27/03 10:40 AM, "Bill Humphries" <bill at> wrote:
> I think everyone on the valley had a account at one time or
> another. Those return addresses will be the hallmarks of an era.

A account meant that you were an early adopter of the popular
Internet; as you say, most people I knew back in the early days of the web
had one.  Shell accounts on SGI Challenge boxen.  They were a great geek ISP
back in the day, before they were acquired several times and ended up being
Verio (blech).  Verio has been trying to kill it for years and stop
supporting all these old legacy accounts.

Silicon Valley is a small place; one of our key NetOps people was one of the
original (and very good) NOC guys.

J. Andrew Rogers (andrew at

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