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Thu Nov 27 11:45:12 PST 2003

On 11/27/03 10:41 AM, "Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, man, that's so 1990s. The thing today
> is to hire them wherever they live, meet on
> conference calls, pipe documents back and
> forth in email, and forget mostly about
> physical officing of people. Yeah there's
> some travel expense, for big get-togethers
> at the beginning and end of projects. So I
> don't know how many actual dollars are
> saved. The big win is more flexibility --
> geography is a smaller constraint on whom
> to allocate to which projects, and whom
> to hire.

Actually, this may end up being the case, though only in a limited fashion
initially.  This isn't for one project, it is for several running in
parallel with complicated interdependencies.  Some of these systems have to
be running physically in a core somewhere and are pretty severely gapped for
security reasons such that you can't really VPN in and do everything, you
have to be in a location where we have virtually extended the core over
physical fiber (like our engineering offices in Palo Alto).  After we
bootstrap these systems to the next level such that core access isn't an
issue for most development, it will be far more reasonable to do the
telecommuting thing.  Initially though, telecommuting will be problematic.

> There was a lot of talk about this five
> years ago, and as is usually the case, the
> reality lagged. But now, at least in the
> world I see, it seems to be happening.
> On my current project, I'm working with
> engineers in San Francisco, Wisconsin,
> New Mexico, and Austin.

We do some telecommuting now, but for project specific reasons, it won't be
terribly feasible initially for many folks.

>> Yes, I will let everyone know when we officially open up a bunch of
>> engineering positions..
> Contract work. Throw some my way. ;-)

We'll see. :-)

J. Andrew Rogers (andrew at ceruleansystems.com)

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