PRETENSION! was Nom du jour: has left the building.

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at
Fri Nov 28 02:34:37 PST 2003

On 11/27/03 9:11 PM, "jbone at" <jbone at> wrote:
> So James, I'm just curious:
> Was the trigger-event for the middle-name transition the receipt of the
> J.D.?  That's the usual trigger.  Why not just go all the egotistical
> way and tack on the "Esq."?
> ;-)

Heh.  Actually, I have gone by this name since I was in elementary school
(some crappy little schoolhouse in the sticks of PacNor), and many people
know me by no other.  My account was primarily used with a crowd
that knew me by that account name when I got it many years ago.  I answer to
both "James" and "Andrew" among other names which I won't bother to mention;
I try and keep a vaguely consistent persona.  I actually enjoy a certain
amount of anonymity with that name as I have personally met three or four
people with the exact same name over the years -- it is not uncommon -- and
people are never certain if I'm THE person that they think I am.

I have many names, and not even the government can sort it out; I have SSN
cards with the same SSN number and different names printed on them.  Some
day I may file for a legal name change to unify all the names I can legally
use.  I was also born a German citizen, not that it has ever done me any
good.  Just in case you cared.

If it makes you comfortable, I can always fabricate another email address
that looks a lot like my old account.  "Pretension" my ass; you
wish you were as cool as me. :-)

J. Andrew Rogers (andrew at

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