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Whaddya do when you cross paths with Air Force One and he tells you 
he's a private jet?


Bush Returns From Secretive Trip to Visit Troops in Iraq
Published: November 28, 2003

WASHINGTON, Nov. 28 — President Bush returned to the United States 
early this morning from Iraq, after spending Thanksgiving dinner with 
hundreds of soldiers in a military mess hall in Baghdad.

Ending one of the most secretive presidential trips in American 
history, Mr. Bush arrived back in Waco, Tex., at 4 a.m. local time, 
then flew on Marine One to his ranch.


Mr. Bush flew to Baghdad under intense security on Wednesday to thank 
them for standing up against the "band of thugs and assassins" they are 
fighting in Iraq.


The trip highlighted the continuing dangers of Iraq. Mr. Bush's trip 
was conducted under extraordinary security, even for a president who 
routinely travels under some of the tightest security in the world. Air 
traffic controllers in Baghdad did not know the plane heading for the 
runway was Air Force One, and it then landed without its lights in 
darkness, but for a sliver of moon.

On the flight over, Air Force One had come within sight of a British 
Airways plane, Dan Bartlett, the White House communications director, 
told reporters on the trip, according to the transcript.

The British Airways pilot radioed over and asked, Mr. Bartlett said, 
"Did I just see Air Force One?" There was silence from the Air Force 
One pilot, who then replied, "Gulfstream 5."

There was a longer silence from the British Airways pilot, Mr. Bartlett 
said, who, seeming to get that he was in on a secret, then said, "Oh."

Mr. Bush, who spent only two and a half hours in Baghdad, all in the 
secure area around the airport, also met with members of the Iraqi 
Governing Council, including Ahmad Chalabi, the exile leader who is 
close to senior officials at the Pentagon.

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