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Sitting in a waiting room this morning, I got a chance to
catch up on March 23, 2003 TIME magazine. I think the issue
is that the 90's will be seen as the end of state-sponsored
terrorism. Both Clinton and Bush's wars on terrorism were both
targeted towards the top: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya,
Sudan, North Korea, Belraus, (formerly Afghanistan) and Cuba.  

The problem is, the state-sponsorship is tenuous at
best.  Rogue nations nowadays mind their p's and q's
enough just to shakedown and get concessions from 
peacekeeping nations.  Very few actually have direct
links to "formal" terrorist organizations or cells.  

What a world we live in....

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At 6:51 PM -0800 11/28/03, Joseph S. Barrera III Channels a former
world-champion toady and spittle-licker(1):

Almost as funny as "I'm in charge, here in the White House..."

(1) with apologies to Patrick O'Brian
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