fluffy yet turgid

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Sun Nov 30 20:37:02 PST 2003

Geege wrote:

>  because i'm on my third leased volkswagen and because i ate and
>  talked turkey with jack may this thanksgiving:
>  http://www.motorsm.com/Collection/MAKE_BENTLEY_GT_COUPE.htm

Finally a VW I'd consider owning.
Although I am still fond of my Ford XJR.
(And we already own one German car, namely Juliet's Jeep)

- Joe

P.S. My Bentley -- a *real* Bentley (well a RR Bentley) --
is newly painted and looks good. Now time to shop for leather...
Geege, do you know anything about leather?

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