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R. A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Sun Nov 30 20:58:07 PST 2003

At 11:32 PM -0500 11/30/03, Geege wrote:
>because i'm on my third leased volkswagen and because i ate and talked
>turkey with jack may this thanksgiving:

... and here I was, trying to hustle my wife the Jamaicaway line-dancer
into a Honda S2000 Saturday afternoon...

"Think about it this way, darlin'. You're pulling up on Binney Street and
some yutz in a Cherokee tries to cut you off. You just punch it all the way
to the floor, and the next thing you know, the boathouse is just this blur
on the right, you drift two rotaries, next stop Roslindale..."

Hell, who *cares* if I can't fit in the passenger seat. It's the
*principle* of the thing, dammit...

Who just wants a truck, anyway. Maybe an old Syncro, or somethin'...

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