Headaches end 2010, put it on your calendars

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Mon Dec 1 02:38:29 PST 2003

They don't plan to lower the profit margin from about 10,000% until the 
end of the decade - these things are VERY cheap to make, like ... 
prescription drug cheap, well
less then 1c each.

But Yay! 12V/5V house here we come! Fluorescent lighting systems make 
agent orange seem environmentally friendly. And think of all the fries 
that won't happen without all that 120VAC running around in ceilings 
and things.

Oh, and if you actually _aim_ the light where you need it, you don't 
need anywhere near 170 of them. Wanna bet people don't figure that one 
out? ;)

Now if the cheapest LCD monitor with >= pixels as my CRT was less then 
$6K :(
(yes I know those things aren't related, but it's 4:30am)

- Adam L. Beberg - beberg at mithral.com


White LEDs set to displace fluorescent tubes

There's a good thing

By INQUIRER staff: Monday 01 December 2003, 10:15

THERE'S AN INTERESTING feature in today's Nikkei Business Daily which 
suggests that success in producing white LEDs may mean the end of the 
fluorescent tube.

The article said that Rohm, based in Kyoto, has succeeded in creating a 
white LED that is the brightest in the world, and competes with 
Japanese company Richi.

The Rohm technique uses zinc oxide to avoid patent problems with Nichi 
and scientists successfully made a super-bright white LED using this 

But while it takes 170 white LEDs to replace a meter long fluorescent 
tube, the cost of making them is currently too high, and it won't be 
until the end of the decade that they'll become cheap enough for Joe 
and Jane Public.

Citizen is already making commercial lights using Nichia technology but 
Rohm has yet to make such a partnership with this kind of distributor, 
it appears. µ

Nikkei Business Daily Subscription required

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