Put down the meshfoot

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Mon Dec 1 10:44:47 PST 2003

>From boingboing.net
"Ruggedized bike-powered mesh WiFi demo tomorrow in San Francisco
The Jhai Foundation is demonstrating its ruggedized bicycle-powered WiFi
access points in San Francisco tomorrow. These meshing wireless bridges
are intended for use in rural Laos, as part of a sustainable economic
development project.

When: Tuesday, December 2, at 10 a.m
Where: Jhai Foundation, 921 France Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112

    The relay point would therefore have a computer (the "relay
PC")serving the access point function for the villages and providing a
link (the "backhaul" in the language of telephony) to the phone lines at
Phon Hong. This computer would be a remote installation where access is by
foot up a trail of moderate difficulty. It would be solar powered and
highly resistant to environmental factors.

    At Phon Hong the "server PC" would be installed on a water tower
having an unblocked view of the mountain ridge. High-gain (24 dbi
parabolic) antennas would be installed at the villages and at the server,
while lower-gain "patch" antennas would be installed at the relay PC.

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