AMI-C & MOST: emerging automotive interop standards

Jim Whitehead ejw at
Mon Dec 1 16:32:37 PST 2003

A standards developing organization working on interoperability standards
for electronic devices for automobiles.

A good overview is here:

For those in the industry who aren’t electrical engineers working on the
next-generation luxury car navigation system, this is the salient point
about AMI-C: Electrical architectures for telematics systems are enormously
expensive to design and produce because every vehicle is different and every
electrical system must be custom made.

AMI-C – a consortium of eight auto makers and two dozen suppliers – has
created a new architecture that can be applied to all vehicles, from company
to company, reducing complexity, cutting product development time and saving
big money. That’s a language everyone in the industry speaks.


In a similar vein is MOST (Media Oriented System Transport)

Through the MOST Cooperation, all members combine their expertise and
ambitious efforts to establish and refine a common standard for today and
tomorrow's needs of automotive multimedia networking.

The concept for the MOST Cooperation began as an informal cooperative effort
in 1997.

Since the Cooperation was founded in 1998, 20 international carmakers and
more than 50 key component suppliers are now working with the MOST
Technology and contributing towards its innovation.

The MOST Cooperation's membership is continously growing due to its
philosophy of openness to any company. The Cooperation invites and welcomes
other companies to become Associated Partners to contribute their efforts to
the development and enhancement of the MOST Technology.

Specifications can be found here:

- Jim

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